Wednesday, May 30, 2012

testing hello

♥ wow ♥
that's all i can!
sweetness of a friend - Jessica ♥ from Two Shades of Pink - featured my craft room today
...and i can't even believe it!
Jess is full of lovely style & talent that matches her tender heart
 ...through her I find so much inspiration!

One post in to this little place and she's already put so much gladness in my ♥
thank you for all the sweet words everyone!
much loves

Monday, May 7, 2012

testing 123 ♥

just puttin' my heart out here a bit...

for such a long time now i've dreamed of having a cute little etsy shop
and filling it with the things i love to make

but the time was never right
it wasn't my season in life
it wasn't in His plan at the time

then i sat on it for so long...i hesitated so often
what if people don't buy anything?
what if it's not perfect?
what if it takes too much time away from my family?
what if it's not what i'm really good at?
what if it's too much work?

i took my husband's advice...
you will make the time, and have the resolve to do the things that you really want to do...
you just have to start ♥

life has been changing...seasons have been changing
and with all worries aside, i'm slowly but surely living out this dream
this plan He has for me...and i've never been so excited!
and i'm so thankful i get to share it with all of you ♥

all these pics are sneak peeks into some of my craziness!
my supplies & product for Sugar & Spice...

so i share this to encourage you to tap into His will for you
what is His calling on your life?
what does He want you to focus on right now, in this season?
ask God today what His plans are for you ♥

Delight 5x7

i'm still a busy bee working on lots of cuteness
so come back soon to check out my shop!
(you can get to it from the link in my sidebar too)

i'm sharing this at Funky Junk...Donna's amazing idea of a challenge
The One Scary Thing Challenge via Funky Junk Interiors